Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello April! Autumn/Winter Trends-to-Try: Coats

Melbourne has just hit the next season of the year, Autumn. Here are the trends that are raging in the fashion world, with a little help from Vogue, Harpers and Elle.
One trend that I seem to see weaving throughout what everyone wears is just... chill. No need to wear small dresses that keep riding up every time you sit just to get a coffee with your mates, and those Louboutins can stay in your closet, girl, you're just going to see a movie. Nope. It's all about minimal and comfort. Lots of monochrome layers, over sized coats and sandals. So if I can give you one little tip, its to be chill like young Kate Moss on a grim and grey day. And that's seriously chilled.
With that said, I have put together a compilation of good style inspirations for wearing different types of coats this Autumn season.  

Try and play around with colours, textures and sizes to make your style look unique. Fashion changes everyday so changing it up will keep it all interesting!

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