Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lovable Lines: GIVENCHY SPRING 15'

Wishing Riccardo Tisci a Happy 40th Birthday! And congrats on his new killer line. 
The evolution of Tisci's Givenchy line has been one of the best. From minimalistic church-like attire to pieces with graphic prints and wild textures. Givenchy will forever be one of my most favourite lines as it captures my love for monochrome black and white and my need for grunge days in tartan. However, watching the S/S 2015 show, I was taken back to the roots. The line consisted of mainly plain black and white, tailored-like attire, some even sporting a splatter print, for the male models. For the female models, however, lets just say it got quite leggy, yet still followed the same design patterns as the males. 
If I had to describe this line to someone who has no idea about it, I would describe it as wearing 1800s Gothic-church, widow-like attire modiefied for people in the year 2050. All-in-all, a big congratulations and happy birthday to Riccardo Tisci.

8:42 PM